Bedding Newborn Boho


Beautiful filled bedclothes from Boho Collection made of the satin cotton is a guarantee of a good sleeping child. Perfect for the cradle or basket.  You can wash it together and safe your time. The flat pillow is safe from the first day of your babys life.

Size of the pillow: 27 cm x 23 cm (+/- 2cm)

Size of the quilt: 50 cm x 65 cm (+/- 2 cm)

Composition: 100 % cotton, Bubbles: 100% nylon

Filling: hypoallergenic silicone fleece

Certificate: OEKO-TEX

This set contiens: one pillow and one quilt

Handmade in Poland.

Boho collection is made of natural cotton fabric. This material is not dyed, preserves the natural color of the cotton. The fabric is not chemically treated, therefore cotton scales may be visible. This is not a product defect and does not cause any danger. This is a value of a product made in harmony with nature.

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