Pregnancy pillow Splash


Pregnancy is a wonderful time for every future mother. Unfortunately, at this time, especially in the third trimester there are problems caused by changes that take place in our bodies. The most popular of them include trouble with sleep and a painful backache.

A roller cushion, 160 cm long. Its shape and length allows you to place the pillow in the most convenient position for you, so that the problems with sleeping disappeared forever.

After a period of pregnancy, the pillow will be perfect for feeding, playing or limiting the space in the crib. It is also a great support for everyone who likes to sleep on the side.

Removable case made of 100% cotton satin keeps the pillow clean.


Dimensions 160 cm x 14 cm

Composition: 100% cotton satin

Input: 100% polyester ball

Made in Poland

Waga produktu: 1.15 kg.

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