Bamboo swaddle


The Cotton & Sweets bamboo swaddle is made of delicate bamboo yarn with a three-dimensional weave, which makes it extremely pleasant to touch. This light blanket perfectly protects your child from the cold, and thanks to its small dimensions it will fit in any bag.

Bamboo fabric:

• is exceptionally delicate and soft like silk but very strong and durable at the same time;

• has antibacterial and antifungal properties 

• does not provoke allergic reactions and is safe for our skin;

• perfectly absorbs water, up to 60% better than cotton;

• has thermoregulatory properties, when it is hot it gives a feeling of coolness and on the other hand in winter it provides nice warmth;

• stops harmful UV radiation;

Swaddle dimensions: 85x85 cm

Composition: 100% bamboo
Available colors: ecru, gray, powder pink

Made in Poland.


We recommend to wash the swaddle  in a laundry bag to prevent mechanical damages.

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